Funeral Flowers


We have been privileged to be part of so many special funerals making sure that the final journey for loved ones be carried out in a personal and considerate way.


Funerals are a very difficult time. Dealing with a loss is not something we do often, when the time does come, it can be overwhelming and daunting. Our flowers are not chosen from a book, are British, seasonal and fresh; we pride ourselves on making sure each design is unique, no two designs are ever the same. Perhaps they were a keen gardener (we do like to use flowers from loved ones gardens to include in the design), perhaps they liked nature or just wanted foliage instead of flowers or just want beautiful local scented blooms.


We can either discuss ideas over the phone or you are more than welcome to come and visit the flower field to choose what flowers you would like in your loved ones arrangement.



Our prices start from £70 for a small sheaf or circular wreath.


We specialise in casket flowers for cremation. After a personal experience we realised that flowers with metal wires and oasis cannot go in with the casket for cremation. All our designs can be made 100% natural so that the flowers can go in with the casket.