Days at Holme Flowers

Sue & Wendy

It is now becoming more clear from medical studies that working with flowers has a huge range of benefits for people suffering with depression, anxiety, stress and work overload. It would seem that Flower Power is actually true. Last year, we worked with small groups of people who just wanted to switch off for the day; work with British Flowers, relax and eat delicious food. After listening to all our lovely comments and suggestions we now offer a tailored experience to suit each individual or group. Some people wish to come on their own and work with us on a one to one basis, others like to come with friends or you maybe someone wanting to work in a small group of like-minded people. In the past we have done the following:


Freedom to forage days

Relax and wander the banks of the River Swale, through our spinneys/woods foraging for material for your creations later in the day. Foraging awakens the senses and allows each of us to be closer to nature. We become more mindful and have a greater appreciation of the material around us.

The wonders of weaving

Working with willow, bramble and other weaving material is therapeutic. You will be able to cut and work with various mediums allowing you to make all manner of creations for your garden.

Floral escape days

Working with British Flowers and foliage, picking from our flower fields and learning how to create arrangements for your home and perhaps a bouquet for a friend, or perhaps to create your own bridal flowers.

Medicinal benefits in flowers/herbs we grow

Learn the benefits of herbs and flowers you can grow at home. We show you how you can make simple creams at home using medium you have grown. It could be hand cream to sooth dry gardening hands, bath oils to calm and sooth to aid sleep or perhaps its cream/oil for a night-time routine.

You will take a light lunch or early evening supper on the farm. Sometimes lunch is taken under the shade of the willow, along the banks of the river, in the old apple orchard, down by the old beck, willow wood or surrounded by the scent and beauty of the flower field.

Evenings in the field with friends

We invite small groups of friends to have a light evening meal in the flower field, amongst the flora and fauna. You will be served a local meats & cheese platter with wine or non alcoholic alternative followed by a sweet treat board with coffee/tea. After supper you can stroll around the flower field and get a real sense of all the different varieties we grow and use in our bouquets.

We only work in small numbers of 6 – 10. 

Days at Holme Flowers will be announced soon here on our website or through our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram or twitter).

If you would be interested in a tailored one to one day, a day for you and a friend or a small group, please get in touch.

Prices start from £50.